Why Settle for Ordinary?

Tropics Takes Your Beverage Business to Extraordinary.

Level Up Your Drinks With Tropics

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    What We Believe

    Your customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality ingredients for great-tasting cocktails. Tropics brings clean label mixers to your beverage program, so you can finally feel proud of what you serve.

    Taste It For Yourself

    No need to take our word for it. Contact us to get a demonstration of our top-of-the-line products. We guarantee you’ll taste the difference that Tropics mixers make.

    Our Identity

    Tropics is more than a brand. We’re a team committed to delivering the best drink experience for bartenders and imbibers alike. We know the value of having clean ingredients in your cocktails that not only taste good, but feel good, too. That’s why we source ingredients from the world’s best regions and stand by our commitment to never use HFCs – ever.

    The Tropics Difference

    Frozen or Shelf Stable –The Choice is Yours

    Behind the bar, you don’t have time for sensitive ingredients. You need convenient mixers that work with your space and climate. At Tropics, we offer frozen and shelf-stable mixers, so that you can pick the option that makes the most sense for your bartenders.

    By Mixologists, for Mixologists

    We make mixers because we love drinks, and we know a lot about them. We’re committed to the craft of mixology. Unlike some of our competitors, we know how to make quality cocktails from experience. That’s why Tropics mixers and recipes are bartenders’ preferred options.

    Products for Every Palate

    When it comes to cocktails, there’s nothing wrong with the classics. But as you create your own unique drinks at your business, your mixers need to keep up. Tropics offers a wide variety of products – from Frozen Cappuccino mix to Dragon Fruit Infusion – so we can help encourage your creativity instead of hindering it like generic mixers.

    Fruit You’ll Taste

    Tropics mixers include some of the highest fruit content in the industry. With ingredients like ours, it’s no wonder that our mixers taste more authentic than our competitors. When you serve cocktails mixed with Tropics, your customers will be blown away by the real fruit taste that comes with genuine ingredients.

    Constant Innovation

    The Tropics team is never done innovating. When you work with Tropics, you can be sure that the mixers you receive will constantly improve and take on new forms. While our competitors might be okay with “good enough,” we’re only satisfied with drink perfection.

    Make the Tropics Switch Today

    From recipe inspiration to national equipment and service support, our team is dedicated to providing partners with the freshest beverage business-building resources. Switching mixers to increase quality doesn’t have to be difficult – our Tropics team makes the process as smooth as possible for you. Not only will you get the best mixers in the business, you’ll also get a new team to support your success.

    Reach out today to learn how we can support your switch to Tropics.