Two are Better Than One


Why Have Two Different Piña Colada Mixers? 

To that we might ask, why not more? After all, one could argue that piña colada is the very flavor of fun, conjuring blissful visions of sipping cocktails from coconuts on some remote beach. But, we digress.

There are two flavors of Tropics piña colada frozen cocktail mixers for the same reason there are myriad BBQ sauce styles and variations on acceptable chili ingredients. Flavor preference varies. And, frankly, some people just like to try new things.

For those who crave a more dominant Caribbean coconut taste, our Piña Colada Mix is the play. If a sweet kiss of sunshine sounds about right, it’s our newer Classic Piña Colada.

Both mixers are made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, so you can’t go wrong either way. Give them a taste to see which is your favorite.