Appeal of NFC Juices


Better ingredients make better drinks, dishes, and bakes.


Tropics delivers premium quality solutions designed to aid their foodservice customers front of the house and back. All-natural not-from-concentrate juices are just the latest added-value additions, including 100% Lemon NFC, 100% Lime NFC, and 100% Pomelo NFC.


Quality is the defining characteristic of an NFC juice. Made with a single ingredient picked peak of season with no additives, no preservatives, and no water added. The single-strength juice is as fresh as if squeezed that day, naturally rich in color, flavor, and aroma. It’s a simple but important difference that a chef or mixologist worth their salt will appreciate.


Ease of use and consistency are added benefits of choosing an NFC. One bottle of Tropics 100% Lime Juice NFC yields as much as 41 hand-squeezed limes without the prep.



It can streamline operations and elevate a recipe, providing a key route to efficiency and premiumization. Use back of the house or front, from cooking and baking to beverage. Whether making a marinade, cheesecake, or signature cocktail, Tropics brings stunning quality and reliable consistency within reach.


That’s because the premium Tropics brand sources from the world’s best growing regions. For example, Tropics 100% Lemon Juice NFC is made with Spanish lemons selected for their multi-dimensional flavor. Lime NFC and Pomelo NFC varieties are equally appealing, respectively sourced from Mexico and the Texas Rio Grande Valley.


Lightly pasteurized and cold-filled into HDPE containers, Tropics’ new clean label NFC juices are packed in 6-61.5 fl. oz. cases and promptly flash frozen. Lemon, lime, and pomelo product is available for sale immediately. 100% Orange Juice NFC will join the line later in 2021.